Bardo Martinez & The Soul Investigators – Bad Education

Timmion Records come out of the gate running hard with this release that features Chicano Batman lead singer Bardo Martinez. “Bad Education”, with a sound that harkens to Latin soul greats such as Joe Bataan and Ray Barretto, takes the listener back, way back. Back to NYC with that sound of Summer, that sound of the late 60’s in the Bronx. Featuring Bardo’s golden voice, a solid backing by The Soul Investigators, plus the flute stylings of Ernie Hawks, “Bad Education” has a poignant message about these institutions themselves. “Bad Education is bad for you and me” Bardo croons, as he weaves his tale about his take on the educational system what it was designed to do. Deep stuff indeed. It’s most definitely authentic in message and sound, with a blazing horn section and as close to that NYC neighborhood sound you can get to from that time period, but done in a modern day. If music is the message, then “Bad Education”‘s lyrics flow seamlessly with it and deliver a punch to the brain and ears. Piensa mi gente porque usted necesita bailar! Bonus instrumental on the flip and the side comes housed in a picture sleeve. A great collaboration between Timmion Records and Yemayá Sol Records that puts a period on a huge statement, all set to a fantastic back beat. Stream the record below, available August 11th.

Pre-Order the record here.

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