Nautilus feat. Fleur Earth – Root Down

Today we have the first single from DJ Oonops’ upcoming release, the compilation entitled Oonops Drops Vol.1. He’s recruited the prolific band Nautilus to rearrange the Beastie Boys classic tune “Root Down” which sampled Jimmy Smith’s tune of the same name. With German vocalist Fleur Earth lending her talents to the track, it’s turned into a completely different animal. This record is a super laid back jazz groove with Fleur Earth straight murdering the track inna jazz style. Not since our gigs with vocalist Danielle Illario have we heard reinterpretations like this. Illario would regularly reinterpret Biggie and Drake among others this way. “Root Down” gives huge nods to the Beasties as well as Smith back at the chicken shack and will appeal not to just fans of these two, but jazz lovers all over the globe. We love a good cover tune, and we beieve this is the first that it’s been covered in this way. Full circle. Jazz to sampled in hip hop and back to jazz once again. This is an exclusive 45, and you will only be able to get the instrumental version of this track on the 7″. Here are my thoughts: If they get Nautilus to do a jazzy version of “Scenario” it’s all over.

Check out the side below:

Pre-order the record here available on Agogo Records November 3rd.

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