Glacial Dancehall 2: Low Jack vs. Time Cow

After much success of the super limited cassette release of Glacial Dancehall in March of ’16, the slowest dancehall tape of all time. Jay Glass Dubs is back with Glacial Dancehall 2, another limited edition screwtape cassette of further explorations into of dancehall, dub, and other Jamaican sounds. This time he teams up with Time Cow and Low Jack who take one side a piece, who follow the blueprint that Jay Glass Dubs laid down on the first tape chopping and screwing these slow jams, adding extra production that totals fifteen full edits. Both artists are solo players in their own right, with Paris’s Low Jack running his Editions Gravats with Jean Carval among other projects, while JA’s Low Jack of the clique known as Equiknoxx has created some of Jamaica’s best riddims, or as they say crucial. So these artists are the real deal. We dig the approach to the series, and were quite impressed with the first edition of Glacial Dancehll. This edition carries on said tradition of the genre, where the dub version are manipulated into it’s own beast. Possibilities are endless. Kudos with the cassette only release, that’s very limited. So jump on it if that’s your thing. More Outernational sounds from the Bokeh Versions label. Large Up.

Pre-Order it here.

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