Phat Fred – Apple Pie b/w Chocolate Cake

Ooh wee Rocafort Records are at it again with this super limited forty five to get your feet moving and your crowd grooving. Phat Fred brings us back to the days of soul stews and latin recipes with their brand of period deep funk with a twist. Think Meters, Jimmy McGriff, King Curtis, and the JB’s with a pinch of Willie Bobo and assorted latin flavors to savor the pot. “Apple Pie” is a tasty A-Side that gets deep in on the Hammond organ and break beats that is as sweet and salty as your auntie’s home made pie itself. Short and sweet to be exact, and if after the two minutes and thirty three seconds you’re still hungry, you can plop the needle back on the A or flip to the B-Side “Chocolate Cake”. This side is a sax filled track that definitely goes back to guys like King Curtis or Booker T., with an organ/ sax combo that slays it. It’s that sweet cake you get from one of those road side diners in between gigs. When the cake instantly becomes the best thing you’ve ever eaten, except this time the tune really is good. Rocafort have a knack for bringing out the best from these funk bands, and Phat Fred go right in the pocket with label mates The Slingshots or Nitty Gritty Sextet, right on and right on time. Liek we mentioned, it is a super limited side (of 100), and it even comes with a recipe. Bare bones music that is solid. Rocafort filling you up with the funk once more.
Stream the tracks below:

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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