V/A : Hiding In The Shadows 12″

We’ve written before about the heat coming out of the NYC Records camp (on 45), but let’s not discount the 12″ goodness James Reeno and company put out on these extended players. The latest coming out of NYC and NYC Records is a 12″ (their first) of various artists that touch on the modern funk sounds we have all grown to love and look for. Highlighting Kozmik Funk, who gives us a laid back groove on “Hiding In The Shadows”, two tracks from Synthman, and one from Windy City, this is the third release from a label that should definitely be given its props for keeping the funk alive. “Synths In The Jungle”, with an electro feel is minimalist and wonderful. It hearkens back to a time when claps and synths were king. In fact, they still are and this track proves it. Is this ’83 or 2017? Who cares, file under dark side of disco sounds. “Nord Lead 2x” is definitely one for the true heads and a tribute to a keyboard that has been revolutionary to so many artists. They don’t call him Synthman for nothing. Dig? Windy City’s track, “The Windy City” rounds out this twelve nicely with a spacey synth track that’s funky as hell. Only one hundred and twenty five pressed up with no repress, so if you want to get on their modern funk train, now is the time. Looking forward to more records from this label that has no problem keeping modern funk in everyone’s mind and ears with each new release. Stream all the tracks below.

Pre-Order the record here.

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