El Michels Affair – Shadow Boxin’ b/w Iron Maiden

Here’a another top billin’ sure shot from El Michels Affair . After much success with the Return To The 37th Chamber Lp, they revisit a two sided heater for the forty five heads out there. “Shadow Boxin” off of Liquid Swords by GZA, produced by the RZA, who killed it by flipping the Ann Peebles sample lovely, gets covered to the fullest by EMA. Soul cinema landscapes throughout, the tune gets a special treatment from the band and goes far beyond the original. Chunky guitars, eerie organ and fat back drums help solidify this one as a keeper. The B-side, which in our humble opinion, wins again, just nudges the A out for the best side of this record. Taking a non album cut from Ghostface, they do a number on “Iron Maiden” that highlights what EMA can do even further. This band has always been genius, and when they pull out a cover like this out of their bag and once gain put on an EMA twist and that crazy intro, they just make it known even further that they can crush any and all that come their way. This one is on pre-order at the moment and ships on September 4th. A word of advice. Grab a few copies, it will get scooped up pretty quickly. Listen to both tracks below:

Pre-order the record now.

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