Leroi Conroy – Tiger Trot

As always, when Colemine Records comes out of the gate they come out running not jogging. The new batch of 45s as of late features a superb bunch of tunes, which includes this heavy footed drum filled banger by Leroi Conroy. It’s been a few years since we have heard from him, but Leroi’s been busy. When he is not making music, he’s putting together artwork for the label, producing Colemine releases, and various other things that fuel the fire of this small midwest powerhouse. We are excited he took a break and got us a few new tunes. “Tiger Trot” is an instrumental that sets the mood from the jump off. Heavy drums, some atmospheric organ work, and with an Ethiopian jazz flair, this record will soon become your favorite of the moment. Colemine have a knack for pulling the best out of their artists, and it looks like in the three years since we have heard a single from Conroy, he’s dug in and really come up with something special. This record is so good you might need doubles, ya dig? We have always stood behind Colemine for as long as they ahve been around, and we appreciate the multiple directions music wise the label goes in, but there is one way they always go, and that is forward. Forward with their best foot to bring the music public some of the best 45s they will be talking about for years to come. Listen to “Tiget Trot” below. Another win for the Midwest and for your ears.

Get the record here.

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