Vaudou Game : On Se Pousse ( Yoruba Soul Remix)

  • Today we get a slice of afro beat from from Vadaou Games’s 2016 release Kidaya, reworked properly and put out the right way on 12″. Fresh from Hot Casa France this record sees the original release next to reworkings by Osunlade under the moniker Yoruba Soul. This French afro beat band has been turning uo the heat around the globe ever since the first record Apiafo was released, and a collabo with the might Osunlade just takes this track to other levels as he runs the gamut from traditional rhythms and sounds that bring out even more of the original to deep house and beyond. Kidaya means sharing, and both band and producer share ideas, thoughts, and spiritual adventures on this side, that brings it all together as one powerful piece. If you are not familiar with this Lyon, France posse then we suggest you open up, dig in, and get familiar. This authentic African sound is quite infectious, and if you’re limiting yourself just to The Funky President, then you are doing yourself a huge injustice. We have been grooving to this track for a bit, and look forward to dropping it live. True school motherland and futuristic beats with a heavy dose of afro soul are in the building. Check out the track below.

    Get the record here.

    Dig Deeper!

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