Diamond Street Rhythm Machine – Living In Harmony

Today’s goodness is some raw and emotional soul coming out of Hotlanta, Little Five Points to be exact. This is exactly what we like to see and hear in a climate of today’s sub par ripoffs and fake retro sounds that try to pass as soul music. Produced by Spencer Garn and Leo Black, and featuring the powerful vocals of Lo Carter. This is a trip back to Curtis, Marvin, and some gritty, but tender soul from the early ’70’s authentic AF here in 2017. “Living In Harmony” is true to death soul. Lo Carter is a force to be reckoned with and backed by Gemco’s own house band Diamond Street Rhythm Band (who crush it on this track), this is one that you will regret if you pass on it.

If living in harmony is really what you seek, then looking on the inside, do you like what you see?

Gemco Records, coming back to the vinyl after a short break, really nails it on this seven inch. And for a bonus, there is a an instrumental remix on the flip, with producer Spencer Garn on the Hammond that is spectacular as well. It’s like two different feels, one an authentic soul siren hitting it just right with a dynamite band, and the flip a long lost blaxploitation instrumental that hits it out of the park as well. We are digging organ, horns and flute parts that highlight this very bad ass track. If this is the first release from Gemco in a while, man are we salivating for the next one already. Listen to the track below.

More information on the band, a stream of the B-side, and purchasing info here.

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