Y Society (Insight & Damu) – Never Off b/w Pyramids to the Ghetto

We are always excited when Damu the Fudgemunk drops something because it is always heat. This record is the lead single from the highly sought after Travel At Your Own Pace deluxe ten year anniversary double Lp from Y Society. The duo gave us Ears Hear Spears and were highly applauded for it, but Travel hasn’t left fans ears, and with its uplifting and positive message (“If you are hungry and motivated you won’t starve for long.”) it is fitting on the deluxe record it is the lead single once again. This solid foundation of both Damu and Insight is being officially reissued for the first time and also sees itself on 45 for the first time as well.

Recorded in 2008 and shelved, the B-Side, “Pyramids to the Ghetto” is some unreleased heat that has remained under wraps until 2017. In fact, the message couldn’t be more true in today’s climate on the topic of racism and related issues. You must learn, because Insight and Damu put class in session and drop heavy knowledge that hopefully will open eyes and ears. We are talking the message, and if you don’t pay close attention, you are going to miss it. This strong message is backed by a beat that is just as strong, and has held up in almost a decade’s time. If you aren’t up on Y Society or this seminal record, get up, you won’t be sorry. It seems that everything Damu touches turns to gold, and as we revisit some of these early projects, Y Society in particular, one gets the feeling that he was always one step ahead of everyone else. Sitting back, listening, taking it in, and creating his art proper. Redefinition coming correct with the goods once again.

Stream the record below.

Get the record here.

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