The Cactus Channel – Storefront

The lastest output from Melboune’s The Cactus Channel sees them take their earlier funk and soul influences and expand on their third record with original soundtrack, cinematic, and even psychedelic sounds. Their first single, “Storefront” floats along gently, dream like, airy and light as lead singer Lewis Coleman’s voice points your ears in the right direction. The accompanying video, directed by Tanzer rolls the viewer along imaginary store fronts in Melbourne’s inner north with Coleman weaving in and out of these made up facades. Going deep inside your mind, these facades were just the walls you put up when you and your significant other at the time were breaking up. Moving and very much able to relate to to many people, this track is a new direction for the band. Still hanging on the their soul and funk roots (as evidenced by those spectacular soothing horns), The Cactus Album have not gone anywhere in case you were wondering. It looks like they have dug in, added more depth to their sound, and have kicked it off lovely with ‘Storefront”. The record is out November 3rd, and they will be playing a few dates before then:


Sat 16 Sep – The Triffid, Brisbane w/ City Calm Down

Sat 21 Oct – Kyneton Music Festival, Kyneton

Fri 8 Dec​ – Festival Of The Sun, Port Macquarie

Check out the video for ‘Storefront” below:

Pre-Order the record, Stay A While out November 3rd here.

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