The Du-Rites – Du The Twitch Official Video

After a huge reception and now cult following with their first full length record, J-Zone and Pablo Martin aka The Du-Rites are back once again. They have a new record, Greasy Listening, coming out shortly (9.19.17), and they have released a video from that record, “Du The Twitch”. If you don’t know what The Twitch is, it’s the greatest and newest dance sweeping the nation, and you control it. And like the classic 45 says: “Get up brother and do any dance, and bring the fine sister too!” It’s true, get on up and twitch baby. The Du-Rites are back, they are twice as greasy, and now they have a dance to go along with their grimy style of funk. Heavy drum and organ work with gritty guitars and bass, ooh wee you’d think you were transported back to the South in the late ’60’s with a track like this. This is just what fans were waiting for after a whopper of a debut album. It looks like they are wasting no time in picking up where they left off as well as picking it up and laying it on the cut proper. The video is directed by Dylan Hundley, who adds the magic and pushes this great tune into something even greater. The Du-Rites music is all about fun. The fun you are rewarded with after hard work, which both of these musicians have put in plenty of in their careers apart. Together, they are creating one funky vibe that is definitely missing in music today. Check out the video below:

The record is available 9.19.17 on Redefinition Records. Stay tuned for more action from this talented duo.

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