The Colours That Rise: CTR Interlude

Lending themselves to the discussion between club culture and jazz, The Colours That Rise are fostering that very discussion with their new release 2020, and the first track to surface from the project called “CTR Interlude”. Producers and multi-intrumentalists Nathaneal Williams and Simone Jones blend new jazz and old funk fused with electronica and made for the dance floors across the globe. This track injects the funk, along with some hip hop beats ad while its ambient and synthy overtones weave in and out of consciousness and hazy late night London antics, there is a pulse that moves behind it all, commanding your body to move. Part of the new UK Jazz invasion that includes cult favorites Yusef Kamaal and Comet Is Coming, this voyage is one you may want to get behind. It’s very future, but with many nods to the past and to us has a very Up, Bustle, and Out sound to it. the banging beat behind the whistling and analog sounds really lends itself the the overall sound of the track. We are excited to hear more from this duo as well as the new wave of artists that are coming (and yet to come) in this new jazz invasion in the United Kingdown. This is a definite journey into sound, so here’s your ticket. Get and board for the ride.

Get the record here on Breaker Breaker Recordings.

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