Vibration Black Finger – Get Up And Do It

File this one under a track that flies under the radar. We are always impressed by artists that can really lay down a sound that can remain classic, and this record has done just that. Along the lines of what a band like PIL were doing musically at the time (minus Johnny Lydon’s snarl and growls), this record has got us by the bollocks and has been on repeat since the first time we heard it. We are talking about the latest output by Wag Club and fusion head Lascelle Lascelles band. The record itself explores the outer reaches of the music universe; melding post punk, spiritual jazz and electrifying funk into one. Say hello to Vibration Black Finger. “Get Up And Do It”, a track led by a drum beat that just doesn’t quit and a saxophone that blows to the break of dawn, this twelve inch smokes (and that’s putting it mildly). This is sweaty, late night music with enough fuel in the tank to keep it going until they are screaming for more. This is a side that will be championed by the underground parties, the after hours sets, and remembered for being that record that set the night off in the right direction. That direction is only one way: up. Check out the track below as well as the other remaining, featuring Ebony Rose and Maggie Nichols. From soul to tropical and more, this is a well rounded 12″. But if you want them to dance, “Get Up And Do It” is the winner. Looking forward to more releases from Vibration Black Finger.

Get the record here.

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