Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin: Tanner’s Tango (ft. Nubya Garcia)

Sliding into the South London jazz scene, we’ve got Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin on deck today. Pushing boundaries in their own rights as solo artists, these two have collaborated with other creative musicians and artists such as Moses Boyd Exodus, Ata Kak, Jamie Isaac, MC Pinty, and Ezra Collective. This project, the first (hopefully of many) of these two artists also features Nubya Garcia (saxophone), Oscar Jerome (guitar), and Jake Long (drums). The band itself combines many styles with their jazz. Whether it’s broken beat, dub, house, or soul, the elements of each are in this music. This particular track, “Tanner’s Tango” features Nubya Garcia on sax and it’s atmospheric and soulful presence throughout drives into an aural explosion of drums and bass that eventually comes to an abrupt halt. This future jazz is not to be passed over. The entire record, “Idiom” is a collective of their collaborations, and is definitely worth a shot at your ears. Fans of Floating Points, 4Hero, and Moodyman will be in good company with this duo. If you are still in the dark with any of this, you need to give this a try, this is what young jazz sounds like in Old London Town. Pushing and reaching forward with music and boundaries, this is a future classic for sure. Available on YAM Records right now.

Stream the record below:

Buy the record here.

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