Circuitry – She’s Just That Type Of Girl

There is always a chance that there will be some unreleased funk floating around, so as long as funk heads are searching for these tapes, acetates, and files hidden away in their aunt’s basement, we will have an explosion of a record we have today. People’s Potential Unlimited is not just a record label, they are historians preserving music one record at a time. This latest release, Circuitry’s “She’s Just That Type Of Girl” is a funk banger with a capital B. Taking it back to ’86 with Electro Wayne and Lo Joe, this was recorded live at Short Circuit Studios circa 1985-1987 and is a large record indeed. Synth filled boogie with harmonies you can get behind, this is definitely a dance floor filler (and killer) without a question. If they don’t move to this, they are at the wrong place. The flip, “Under Pressure”, is on some steamy, lower tempo vibes that will have them working out until last call. Let’s just keep it at this: this record is fire. “Ticking like a bomb and about to explode.” That about sums it up. Stream the track below and grab one of these monsters from the following link. PPU coming correct again and again.

Get the record here.

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