The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn, NY- My God Has A Telephone

Soul music finds itself in many forms, and if you have overlooked Gospel music as one of them, you have missed out on some beautiful recordings as well as some top notch forty fives. Just ask cats like Kris Holmes, Greg Belson, or Eli “Paperboy” Reed, who continue to push the Gospel soul, funk, and disco game to higher planes. The latest seven we are obsessed with over here at Flea market Funk is another arrow in the quiver of Colemine Records. Having already hit big with so much, and especially with Durand Jones and The Indications on the soul tip, it’s fitting that member Aaron Frazer of the band release this sweet gospel forty five under the moniker The Flying Stars of Brooklyn, NY. With help along the way from Eli “Paperboy” Reed and some other friends, Aaron proceeds to crush this falsetto laden track “My God Has A Telephone”. It’s an amazing track, low key with great harmonies and a killer bass line that just lends itself perfectly to the track. You can call up God whenever, and Frazer’s voice is the perfect vehicle to deliver this message. In fact, the mini drum break towards the end of the track just puts an exclamation point to the whole track. Seriously, this is a killer tune. The multicolor vinyl sold out very fast (only five copies were made), but you can try to get a copy of this scorcher below. The flip, “Live On” is another sweet, sweet, soul side that is inspirational and devotional (like this record series), so again more double sides of heat rocks from this Midwest powerhouse and its extended family.

The pre-order sold out pretty quickly, so hopefully there will be more coming your way soon. If God can make a deaf man begin to hear, than The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn, NY can make you get up and feel the spirit with this side. Another Colemine winner.

Buy the record here.

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