New York Undeground Funk Band – Strugglin’ b/w I’ve Been Fooled

We are always excited when an unreleased funk record sees the light of day. It’s even better when some heavyweight record guys get together and put together a label and release fire for their first record. The Preservation Project, “curating the obscure and unreleased”, knock it out of the stadium with this 45, a double sider from the New York Underground Funk Band. An acetate found from a band that recorded two songs in the 1970’s in New Jersey and forgotten, until now. Both sides are heavy in their own way. The A, “Strugglin’ ” is a tale of working hard, putting in the hours, and trying to break through as a band. It’s got that raw, gritty sound we love in a heavy funk track. Much percussion, deep bass line, and whether they were influenced by Funkadelic, The Sound Experience, or JB, it’s all there and it’s wonderful. Some of the heaviest, unreleased funk we have heard this year, and this label looks to be on the right track from the get go. “I’ve been fooled” is a heartache filled sweet soul track that is exactly what you want in a song like this. It’s definitely has that rawness going on, and is low fi and loose. This is the definition of soul, soul played by musicians who were living the music they were playing, only to be tucked away and found decades later by the good people of The Preservation Project. We also hear they have HEAT lined up for the next few releases as well, so stay tuned.

Listen to both tracks and get the record here.

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