The Haggis Horns feat. Lucinda Slim – World Gone Crazy

Start the weekend off right here with some quality modern funk from the UK’s Haggis Horns featuring vocalist Lucinda Slim. Their single “World Gone Crazy”, which is a digital only and features bonus remixes by Lack Of Afro, Smoove (Smoove & Terrell), as well as Sam Redmore is definitely a top choon. This mid-tempo funky soul sister track is horn heavy (you may have guessed), but has some sweet, sweet soul vocals circa mid’ ’70’s from Lucinda that just slam. Funk: check. Badass backbeat: check. Haggis Horns in full effect: check. Taken from their upcoming November release of their fourth record One Of These Days , this single is the follow up to the smash Summer jam “Take It Back”, which ran the gamut of old school funk/ hip hop jam. This single hits all the soul and funk heads right where they like it: their ears and feet. This one is a dance floor mover for sure. We have definitely been following the Haggis Horns for a while, and since they have been a music powerhouse on the scene for almost two decades, we are eager to hear how their sound matures while still keeping to their core sound, the horn heavy, get you moving funk and soul that stokes the fire of the genre. The full length of the track will be featured on the LP and is close to eight minutes long, so stay tuned for that! Check out the track below and grab the digital edit of the single as well.

Buy the track here.

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