Martha High – A Little Taste Of Soul

A record collaboration couldn’t get any better on this one people. James Brown protégée Martha High links up with our favorite Japanese funk and soul outfit Osaka Monaural (prompted by one of our fave DJs, DJ Pari) and pays tribute to the great Soul Sisters from the James Brown Revue aka The Funky Divas on the upcoming November release on Record Kicks Tribute To My Soul Sisters. High was Brown’s right hand woman for over thirty years. More than just a backing vocalist, she was a hair stylist, payroll master, and a life long confidant to the Godfather of Soul. That being said, it was after a visit with our man DJ Pari back in 2014 that she decided to do this tribute. We can think of no other band to back her up, the powerhouse Japanese freight train of funk, Osaka Monaural, who have been carrying the torch of this genre of music for more than two decades.

Given the opportunity and the pleasure to perform their songs, is my way of saying: thank you, you’re not forgotten.- Martha High

The collaboration gives light to thirteen tracks of soul and funk. Everything from “Mama’s Got A Bag Of Her Own”, Anna King’s answer to “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag”, Lyn Collin’s “Think (About It)”, “The Answer To Mother Popcorn”, and more. This record is definitely a treat to the ears and fans of the genre, as well as the extended James Brown family will most definitely want to bump this all day and night. The sampler track from the record we have today is “A Little Taste Of Soul”, which is featured on a bonus forty five with her version of “Unwind Yourself” by Marva Whitney on the flip. This one is a no brainer. Some of the old and some of the new together paying tribute to some of the best funky divas to ever do it. Stream the track below and pre-order the record if it gets you moving. Well done all around, James Brown is looking down and smiling.

Pre-Order the record, available November 17th through Record Kicks, here.

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