Son of Sam feat. Soundsci – Put It On Ya

To get to real hip hop these days, one has to dig deep. I hear so many heads say: “Hip Hop sucks today. There is no good hip in 2017.” Guess what? You couldn’t be more further from the truth. This release from UK’s Son of Sam features one of our favorite crews these days, SoundSci. Son of Sam jumped on the scene in 2003, and, inspired by original hip hop samples, David Axelrod, Galt MacDermot, James Brown, and The Meters, proceeded to tear up the scene. Supporting everyone from Raekwon to KRS-One, they returned to the studio in 2011 to drop fresh, original music. Their latest track, “Put It On Ya” is a high powered, energy filled track that will have you pressing play over and over again. Peppered with real guitar licks, tight drums, and other samples that are exactly what the foundation of hip hop was built on. It takes us back to when we first heard “Rock Box”, a melding of rock and roll and hard hitting hip hop lyrics and beats that would become an obsessive pastime in our formative years. Here it is decades later, and a track like this gives us the same feeling we had way back when. Talk about chills. So when someone says directly that hip hop is dead in 2017, play this track. Stream the track and its instrumental below.

Get the track here.

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