AfriCali – The Struggle

Life is a struggle people. From money to family to health, there is always an obstacle to overcome. The hustle may be real, but so is the struggle. California afrobeat collective Africali, founded by MC Eyezon, Shaun Elley and Nico Georis mix Left Coast hip hop style with sounds from soul, blues, rock, psychedelic and heavy rhythms and percussion plus some 1970’s Ethiopian music to give us a unique sound that will make your ears perk up. The first single off of their new full length, Taught Of A Culture on Tokyo Dawn Records is an chunky groove of conscious African music with a message.

Never gonna find a way if you keep on running.

With a fusion of multiculturalism, this track is perfect in today’s climate of America first and everyone else second. The aural melting pot of genres lead by a deep bass line as well as some searing guitar and waves of percussion further illustrates how we as people are influenced by other cultures and this United States of America is a culmination of people, races, genders, and religions that should be embraced, not sent away or suppressed. The consciousness of this track is quite evident, and the record is dedicated to the “daughters of the sun and the mothers of the brave”, as well as those who know how true that the struggle is as real as the sun rising every day. This record is on repeat today and we can all relate to its message. It’s one of the best tracks we have heard in 2017. “The Struggle” tells it like it is, inspiring the listener with PMA. The Bad Brains and Fela would be proud. Well done AfriCali and Tokyo Dawn Records. Both pushing boundaries and making beautiful music for the masses. Stream and buy the record below.

The record will be available October 23rd here.

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