Souleance – Bamboule EP

France’s Fulgeance & DJ Soulist aka Souleance are back after their highly applauded Raw Funk Set with a new five song EP entitled Bamboule. If you have been following this talented duo for the last ten years or so, they have been moving stages and dance floors with their brand of body rocking beats and grooves all over the globe. This EP keeps propelling them in the right direction, and that is up. The EP kicks off with “Partay”, a tropical boogie tracks with a bass line that does not quit and some reggae chants over top to spice up the pot a bit. Moving into track numero dos, we have the title track “Bamboule”, an uptempo afro style track with even more synths and percussion to move you. The track streaming below is “That Guy” featuring Brooklyn’s own Von Pea from the Tanya Morgan crew. Straight up NYC hip hop vibes with great production behind it to boot. Staying on that smooth tip, “J’aime Marcher” boom baps its way into your heart with silky keys, punchy drums, and horns for days. Our favorite track on the record though, is that Dilla-esque “Brown Bags”, that hits everything we love about instrumental hip hop and instrumental sample based music. For starters, those damn drums are just perfect, and the samples provided throughout just crush it. This record is definitely something getting multiple spins here in the lab. With something for everyone and the dance floor, Souleance once again rock steady to their own beat. One of the better records in 2017. Don’t Sleep! Stream “That Guy” below and pre-order after the stream.

Get the EP here, available via First Word Records on October 27th.

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