PREMIERE: The Allergies – You Got Power

Bristol’s own B-Boys and beat makers The Allergies are back and like Mikey Dread they are at the controls of this new Jalapeno compilation called The Allergies Dig Jalapeno. Digging deep into the Jalapeno vaults, they weave together a mix from over 250 official releases from the label’s discography. This upbeat curated mix features Japaleno favorites Dr. Rubberfunk, Kraak and Smaak, Smoove and Turrell, Boca 45, Soopasoul, and many more. The compilation also features two records from the The Allergies, which includes the “Blast Off” remix featuring Andy Cooper, and an unreleased track “You Got Power”. If you are not familiar with The Allergies or Jalapeno for that matter, they have been representing the funkier side of town for quite some time. The Allergies, along with their tight crew of Bristol, UK artists and beat makers, DJs and B-Boys have kept dance floors steady moving in towns all over the world. They definitely embody the spirit of hip hop, and The Allergies Dig Jalapeno is a party you definitely want to attend. Even if you listened to these cats for the first time, you number one, will not be able to stand still, and number two, will recognize how much hip hop plays a part in their every day lives. They make people move, and for that matter, so does Jalapeno. “You Got Power”, an unheard track from The Allergies featured is an explosive, piano driven, heavy B-Boy drum break, powerhouse of a track that will induce everything from uprocking to windmills and head spins, along with the usual booty shaking the lads are known for. They have a timeless sound, not only in this track, but coupled with the Jalapeno curated tracks, a mix that could have been released in the ’80’s. Upbeat is an understatement. So much energy from the 42 minutes plus, you might be able to power your house with its energy for a few days. Imagine Alan Walsh doing his Walshy Shuffle to these tracks, we can. Perfectly curated and mixed, this one is a winner. Check out the track below, and go to the link to purchase the digital version of the compilation or sample the stream of other sides as well.

Get the music here, available now. What are you waiting for?

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