Social Lovers – Drop Me A Line b/w Your Heart To Me

Hey Monday, how are you doing? Need a pick me up? Well Potions Records has just the thing for you. Social Lovers have a new forty five, and this thing is begging you to get on the dance floor. Low key dance vibes here beckon you and who ever you choose to grab ahold of and get it moving. A definite future classic with sexy vocals by Meg Doherty, this thing is infectious. Matty P’s production nails this sultry sound, synth stabs and a driving, but low key beat all the way until the club closes or the basement doors open. This is some late night shit, some back of the club down low shit, basically dripping with sexiness from start to finish. This is underground New York City, and Ridgewood, Queens is churning out some of the coolest sounds on this Potions label. It’s all good, and the flip, “Your Heart To Me” is Fleetwood Mac meets Sade vibes, so if you can’t relate to either one of those artists, you might need to move on. More sultriness and vibes for days , this could end out the evening just before the lights go on. Meg’s voice once again proves that she has got what it takes, and her voice just grabs you over that bass line and wholesome drums. Dreamy to say the least. Heartache never sounded so positive. More Meg Dohety vocals please, we could listen all day! Check out both sides below and order the record after the streaming player. NYC stand up once again.

Buy the record here.

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