AddisAbabaBand – Rainbow War

Taking you further on a cosmic trip with music we think is important, we bring you AddisAbabaBand and their new single “Rainbow War”. Hailing from Denmark, this thirteen piece crew is an afrobeat, jazz, and funk amalgam set the course for the heart of the sun on this new seven inch with some heavy afro vibes. Plenty percussion and sounds from the Motherland swirl in your head with heavy guitars and effects and positive vibrations through the vocals. Each instrument gets a chance to improvise in their own right on this track as the band then brings it all back together in a fluid, cohesive way to get your body shaking and moving properly. We are delighted to put this thing in to your ears. The horns on this side are right in your face and top notch. Inspired by greats like Fela Kuti and Ebo Taylor, their music swings into psychedelic rock, free jazz, Ethio-jazz, and other groove based sounds that just burn a hole with fire on the dance floor. These rhythms are genuine, and since their inception in 2010, the band has taken their universal groove from their home base, the city of Aarhus, Denmark, to the world. All the while they spread the message of the AddisAbabaBand. Authentic and fueled by the energy of the elders, this band steers the space vessel into another dimension with intense rhythms and grooves.

The “Rainbow War” seven inch is limited to 300 pieces world wide and is available now at the link below. Open your mind and let the rhythm hit you. Stream the track below.

Get the record here.

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