FREE DOWNLOAD: Max Romeo – Chase The Devil (Marc Hype x Petko Turner Edit)

Who doesn’t like a free download? Today extra large up to Marc Hype and Petko Turner as they body this classic reggae track with an edit that will get them moving. Max Romeo’s “Chase The Devil” gets the Dusty Donuts style treatment, and why not? These two know their way around a record or two (how about hundreds?), and their skills shine through with some minimal tweaking on this edit. Speeding up the track from the original, recorded by Romeo with The Upsetters backing him, and help from Lee Perry at the controls, it goes in a different direction. Upbeat and now more on the dance floor tip, Hype and Petko have taken a great tune to another level with this edit. “Chase The Devil” and other tunes it spawned: “Croaking Lizard” by The Upsetters and Prince Jazzbo as well as the Perry “Disco Devil” track are all staples in reggae music. Respect to this duo for tackling a track of this magnitude and doing a bang up job of it. Listen to the track below and download it for FREE as well. So put on your iron shirt and chase Satan out of earth, it’s almost Friday.

Go here to get your free download.

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