Son Of Sam feat. Denmark Vessey – System Animal

We recently featured UK hip hop clique Son of Same and their single “Put It On Ya” which featured Soundsci and the hand style of Mr Thing!, and while we are still reeling from how good that record is, it’s time to move on to another piece of goodness from their Cinder Hill full length. This time they get deep and jazzy with Detroit’s own Denmark Vessey. For those not familiar, Vessy was a part of the applauded Crown Nation with Quelle Chris and a dope solo artist in his own right. The combination of Son of Sam as well as Vessey is a win win situation here people. The production, as always, is tight. They go down the dark path with heavy jazz samples and an eerie vibe that not only moves you in the four corners of your room but to the four corners of the world. It’s wicked and wild, and Vessey weaves those underground vibes like he only can, dope as hell. The more tracks we hear from Cinder Hill, the more we stack those chips on the table for Son of Sam. They are one of those groups that can produce effective, hard hitting beats and pair them with a variety of players who can exploit those beats to the fullest. Something for everyone, but most of all, something great for the music industry. Expand your mind and check this track out, but stream the rest of the record as well. It includes everyone from John Sci Robinson, Quelle Chris, Soundsci, Guilty Simpson, Prince Po, and more. To put it bluntly, this record is the shit. Hear for yourself:

Check out the video for “System Animal” below:

Get the record here.

Dig Deeper!

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