Jackie Paris – Run For Your Life

Happy Halloween from Flea Market Funk! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this fine day than with some smashing, 1970’s reggae from Jackie Paris. This forty five had eluded me for a while and every time I saw a Mummy 45 I’d pick it up in a crate and get disappointed. I’d buy the damn thing anyway. That was until recently, when the exact same thing happened to me. I saw the label, and read “Chucky Dub”. Damn it, fooled again. But wait, “Chucky Dub” was crossed out in black marker that was worn off. Hand stamped underneath going into the bottom of the label was: Jackie Paris “Run For Your Life”. Done and dusted. $10 later it was in my bag for good. Didn’t really know too much about this one except it was produced by Winston Riley’s brother Buster, and that the flip dub was played by The Mercenaries (Can someone confirm this on this version?). I did, however, get from a very reliable source that many of these records were mislabeled or stamped different, hence the one that I picked up was the same. My theory still stands. Records that you were meant to have come to you. There are no two ways about it. Jackie Paris classic was meant to make it to Jersey City in whatever roundabout way and into my box. Thanks once again to Tim Harris for always scratching the itch and coming through with records when he is in town. Big Ups. So, whatever you are doing for Halloween; taking the kids out trick or treating, getting dressed up for a school night Halloween bash, etc., remember this. “Run for your life, he’s behind you with a knife! Run! Run! Run!” Enjoy your Halloween and be safe out there.

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