Mukatsuku Presents Biosis Now/Afro Train

Sometimes we have a hard time keeping up with Mukatsuku’s output of rare and hard to get funky records, so today we are happy to get behind this two sider of H-E-A-T from Nik Weston and the crew. With the crappy weather we have been dealing with (here in the US and in the UK), why not transport yourself back to the islands and or Africa and get god damn funky? Both of these tracks are international funk at its finest. Side A features and exclusive edit of some Bahamian heat. Biosis Now’s album cut, “Independent Bahamas”, a rare as hen’s teeth deep cut that gets the seven inch treatment and will surely have them jumping for it when you drop the needle. The flip, Afro Train’s “Tumba Safari” is direct from the Ivory Coast with that funky afro beat flavor we have grown to love. Get with it as the horns blow and make the dance floor pop circa this 1973 monster you’d have a hard time finding either way. TOP NOTCH tracks people. You have to get these while you can, because heat like this does not stay around for long. Mukatsuku have a reputation for bringing the finest records tot he people, and this one is definitely one for your record boxes. Check out clips and buying information at the link below. Keep it funky people, Mukatsuku is.

Listen to clips and order the record here.

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