Columbia Nights – In All Things (Remixes Vol. 2)

If you have been following the discography of Philadelphia’s Record Breakin’ Music, you know that their catalog runs deep. From funky breaks to R & B, future soul, and more, they take music seriously and their releases show it from the first needle drop to tlast. This latest offering, brings back a 2015 release by D.C.’s Columbia Nights and gets remixed by a gang of producers who take the meaning of space is the place very seriously. With up and comers like Norvia Junior, who takes the title track “In All Things” and pushes the side deeper into the depths of the galaxy channeling some spacey gospel vibe, as well as Beeman aka Wildersee who gives it the big drum beater treatment, opting for some heavy percussion in a space capsule on the track, the release is already a winner. Both edits are opposite ends of the spectrum of sound, but equally dope nonetheless. The track “Cerulean” is reworked by Milwaukee’s Haz Solo and is a funky sensation of a remix. It’s like Hendrix and the Meters took angel dust and decided to jam. It goes deep. “Neverend”, a soulful treat, is taken to a higher plane via Jazz Spastiks, who offer more bounce to the ounce. One of our fave remixes on the record. Not to be stopped, The Other Guys grab our ears and hearts with some tough as three day old shit drums on their rework of the track. It reminds us of what it might feel like after you’ve had liftoff, then start your journey out into space: plants, stars, meteors, and whatever else is out there passing you by quicker than The Pharcyde. A great way to end your journey. In fact, if this thing faded out and everything went black and this was the last thing you heard, you’d be good with it. Having already established itself as legit way long ago, Record Breakin’ Records continues to push boundaries and stimulate listeners with a new crop if talent to make music, remix it, and make you realize that without music in this world, we’d all be lost. Check out the tracks below:

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