Dubbul O x Mankub – In the Mix

While everyone else is worrying about Big Shaq vs. the real Shaq beef (although we found it funny, way to get trolled Shaq), a real emcee, the UK’s Dubbul O teams up with Manchester’s super producer Mankub for an EP that is simply fire. “Smoka-Motiv” is top shelf hip hop from start to finish. For us, it brings us back to the day where producers like Preemo, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, and their brethren laid down sick beats for a myriad of spiiters to slay. Mankub is cut from the same cloth, and can go hard or smooth it out with some R & B flavor like “Do What You Can” that features Tyler Daley and Dubbul O moving efforlessly through handclaps and woodwind instruments coupled with tuff as nails drums. The title track gives us some laid back roots x jazz vibes, and even reminds us of one of our favorite bands that never made it to the big time (we wish they had, but we think they are!), New Kingdom. Dubbul O rocks with the fast flow and kills the beat lovely. “Mussbamental” is another slick that has O playing the part of Redman’s cousin on this side. Tight cuts and horn stabs will have you hitting the bricks, this one is one of the best on the EP. The first single, with an accompanying video, “In The Mix”, is the absolute, hands down winner on this collabo. Something to make you neck snap and one you’ll be playing over and over again. Plus with a shout out to Nas, you know their heads and hearts are in the right place on this banger. Project available right now from Room2 Records. Here’s hoping it makes it to a vinyl pressing plant soon. This thing is way to hot to stay digital.

“Dubbul O x Mankub – In the Mix”

Get the EP here.

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