Ross McHenry Trio – The Outsiders

Today’s goodness comes out of the heralded First Word Record camp, and it’s the Ross McHenry Trio. Band leader of The Shaolin Afronauts and known for collaborations with Mark de Clive Lowe, Corey King, Marcus Strickland and many others, McHenry is an multi-award winning composer and bass player and is no stranger to First Word Records. This will be the third release on the label since 2013. However, it is the first time with a trio. Joining McHenry on this journey is drummer Myele Manzanza (also a label mate on First Word), as well as NYC via Australia Matthew Sheens on piano. The Outsiders is a trip through jazz music with three very forward thinking musicians that draw their influences collectively not just with jazz music. From the melancholy “It’s Not How I Remember It”, where Sheens’ piano moves through a late morning of perhaps the night before mood while McHenry and Manzanza make time with bass and drum to the beautifully flowing “Those Lost Days” and the three part “The Outsiders” sides that are a mini journey all in themselves. There is a reason this man has been called ‘The Future of Australian Jazz”. This record is thinking and playing way ahead of the curve. It’s refreshing to hear this in 2017, and gives us hope that the future is bright in jazz music when releases like this come our way. The vinyl version is six tracks, while the digital and CD will give us 2 bonus tracks. Stream the record and bonus tracks below:

Get the record here.

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