Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – Concussion

Oooweee this record is a scorcher. Colemine Records coming at you hard once again as they link up with the talented Delvon Lamarr and give his track “Concussion” off of the Close But No Cigar record from 2016 a proper 45 release. The Midwest label that could has been finding artists that go along with their philosophy. That philosophy is: be as funky as hell and don’t forget to add some organ. No, seriously, it’s all about being funky and getting the job done. With this record, even Big Daddy Kane would be proud because they have got the job done and then some. Lamarr, hailing from Seattle, WA, is another blast of freshness as he and his trio crush this track. Bringing you back to the organ sounds of everyone from Jimmy McGriff to Brother Jack McDuff, Shirley Scott, and more, this record jumps on the soul jazz/ jazz funk times of classic artists, and that feeling of pure excitement as the organ, guitar and drums come together as one and get in the groove. We’d be lying if we said we were surprised, because Colemine Records has this knack at getting the funkiest out of bands, whether they are old are new, or new putting a twist on the old sound. This record has it all. Now couple that with Colemine’s new Remined reissue imprint and they are doing big things, moving forward with leaps and bounds in this record industry. So if you like your funk filled with organ, this record is definitely for you. It has a bit of a Grant Green “Sookie Sookie” feel to it, heavy on the organ and back beat with the sweetness of the guitar throughout, but updated for today for sure. Listen to the record below and let us know what you think:

Get the record here, available November 24th.

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