Long Distance Dan – The Dust Man Stirs

Sailing the seas of cinematic and psychedelic sounds and drum beats, we have Long Distance Dan from Dusted Industries and his long player The Dust Man Stirs. Pushing the envelope with hard and meaty beats, this mostly instrumental trip is solid through and through. With a title given to it by Dan’s two year old son, the sinister sounds runs the gamut from funk, garage rock, psychedelia, library music, and lo-fi sounds along with the aforementioned cinematic and soundtrack nods. Two tracks feature vocals (“Rescue You” w/ Icelandic hip hop band Cryptochrome and “After Omega” featuring Sam Crick), which honestly doesn’t bother us at all. Both are pretty ill. ‘After Omega” is a hybrid punk/garage/ and ska howler with Crick keeping the tempo heavy and the sound low fidelity. “Rescue You” has got that early Tricky/ New Kingdom vibe, dark and deep, it’s quite a thrill. Standout tracks from the record include “Cloud Stepping”, some floating point above your body track with beats that feed your mind like you were following a groovy train down the tracks, “Step To The Moon”, with a big beat library buzz that you can’t beat, as well as “Stay Loose, Yeah” that runs at the speed of light with drums and guitar that coat your body like you sat in the mud at some daft festival in your 20’s. But there is more promise. “Horizon Deep” is an edgy, drum orgy with subtle hints of scariness that fit perfectly to the score of some horror film, while “Freedom March” grabs your ears by the lobes and pulls you close to the organ/ drums so you pay attention. We get many vibes with this record. From Meat Beat Manifesto to Vertigo Records sounds to Italian soundtracks and beyond, The Dust Man Stirs needs to be heard. It needs to be heard from start to finish, because it is a winner. Now go stream the project below before the Dust Man gets a hold of you. Let’s hope Dusted Industries moves from the digital to physical vinyl form soon. This one needs a proper vinyl release. Dusty and daring, Long Distance Dan is trotting the globe to bring you these sounds.

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