Jazz Mutations From Other Worlds Mix

Jazz music is a beautiful thing. It’s mostly what we listen to at home on the turntable. Although our music library is very diverse, we always come back to all sorts of jazz. For this particular mix, I dug deep in my crates to take you on a cosmic journey. A journey where music transcends space and time. Where the elders meet some of the new masters far out in the galaxy and they provide a soundtrack to your trip. This trip requires you to open your mind and third eye and feel the music. The below quote pretty much sums it the sounds of outer space. Sun Ra was definitely on to something and was prophetic in his music and philosophy.

The music is different here. The vibrations are different. Not like Plant Earth. Planet Earth sounds of guns, anger, and frustration.- Sun Ra

The artists included all were searching for something higher through their music. From Sun Ra to John Coltrane to Albert Ayler to Herbie Hancock and Blue Mitchell (who we hear from later on in his career on Mainstream Records) to a solid jam from the Mahavishnu Orchestra, dubbed out grooves from Bill Laswell, plus seminal tracks from leaders of the new school jazz revolution like Kamasi Washington and Bad Bad Not Good, plus jazz inspired beats from Diffrenz, Markey Funk, and Sebastian Fraye (if you have yet to check his record out on Redefinition Records, do not sleep!), the sound overall is definitely other worldly. Headphones recommended but not required, take a trip with us here at Flea Market Funk to the far reaches of the universe and some stellar jazz tunes. Recorded from original vinyl records, all live, and all in one take. Get deep out in the universe and turn the world as we know it off for sixty five minutes. If you dig, pass it on to a friend.

Jazz Mutations From Other Worlds Mix Track List

Soul Jazz Orchestra – Initiation
Diffrenz – Jazz Workshop
Aresenal – Ivory Tower
Bad Bad Not Good – Structure No. 3
Omid Walizwahdeh – Modern Persian Speech Sounds
Blue Mitchell – Mi Hermano
Sun Ra – Mu
Paul Horn – Vibrations
Kamasi Washington – Final Thought
Henier Stadler – The Fugue No. 2 Take 1
Douglas Adams – A Short History of the Earth
Mahavishnu Orchestra – Cosmic Strut
Rasaan Roland Kirk – A Laugh For Rory
Jeremy Steig – Alias
Bill Laswell – Beyond Zero
Markey Funk – The Unknown
Herbie Hancock – Quasar
Albert Ayler – Ghosts
John Coltrane – Ascension
Sebastian Fraye – Thus I Began

Stream this exclusive mix on mixcloud below:


More info and other mixes here.

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