Long Distance Dan – Dusted Sounds Volume 1

When we first visited our man Long Distance Dan about a year and a half ago, he was out promoting the excellent The Dust Man Stirs, a cinematic instrumental piece that grabbed us by our ears and pulled us right into the fray. So, with a new record on the horizon, he’s given his fans a project to wet their whistle to until the new project is done. Dust Sounds Vol. 1 is an EP of tracks that combine his quality beats with elements of lo-fi, far left hip hop instrumentals, dubbed out dreams, and more cinematic soundscapes to keep the heads satisfied. Five tracks with enough moxie to rock the block, your car, your headphones, or that boombox you’ve been waiting to walk down the street with. “Road Dust”, a trippy Up, Bustle, and Out-esque trip meets an indie film is up next to tracks like “Space Dust”, projecting sounds that would have the cosmos moving nicely. This has a very Air-ish feel to it. “Swamp Dust”, drills and all could be a backdrop for a horror movie, while “Dream Dust” needs to be in a video game like right now. “Raw Dust” makes us think of “Gratitude” by The Beasties, raw gritty, but hard with the beats, you got that? All in all, Long Distance Dan is still on point and making heads nod. However, you’ll have to wait for that full length dust though. It’ll be worth it.

Stream the project below:

Get the project here.

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