Feeling This Friday: Feels Like Summer Edition

Now you know we don’t eff with a lot of new, wack music out there, but when tracks come around that we feel, especially remixes, we need to give them some shine. No matter what you think about Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, you can’t deny that dude is a workhorse. Conquering television with Atlanta (that Teddy Perkins episode tho), making music (we are still not tired of Redbone), and doing what the hell he wants, like Faze-O he’s riding high. He’s also been remixed by some of the best in the business, including Kon, Nick Bike, and the latest by West Coast legend DJ Platurn, who’s taken Gambino’s latest “Feels Like Summer” to a whole new level with some signature heavy drums. The song itself screams Summertime, and Platurn knows how to raise the bar. Perfect for your BBQ, top down in the whip, smoke session, or, dare I say, roof top DJ set, it’s dope to say the least. Not on a 7″ yet, but maybe Nick Bike will press up more of his 7″ and motivate Platurn get this banger on a 45. Don’t sleep on the Kon remix of “This Is America” either. Turns it into a Summer disco joint that you can extend for like 20 minutes, so you know, you might be able to get a bathroom break while people are grooving. So for this Feeling This Friday, we’re feeling DG aka Earn aka Childish Gambino and the dope remixes out right now. Check out the Platurn remix below:

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