The Natural Yogurt Band – The 13 Moons of Neptune b/w Satelites

It’s been a wild ride as of late, with music driving deep into outer regions of the galaxy, so we are keeping up with that theme again today. We are excited at this latest release on Black Milk Music from The Natural Yogurt Band. You may remember this authentic bag of psychy, library vibes brought to us by Jazzman Gerald in 2010 as well as a record released on Stones Throw Records. Drawing inspiration from David Axelrod, Galt MacDermont, and the sounds of Ennio Morricone’s body of work in the ’60’s and ’70’s, they return for 2017 with two new tracks on BMM.

“The 13 Moons of Neptune” is a vibe filled cosmic orgy trudging through space dust, fuzzy guitars and bass floating through the darkness the whole while. The flip, “Satelites” is more on the library tip, hearty drums and spacey keyboards continuing on with the fuzz, throwing in more blips and bleeps, ones and zeros, and aural computer code to power your space craft through asteroid belts and nebulas. The band operates out of a top secret studio somewhere in England, and their vehicle fro space travel is fueled by this combination of funk, jazz, cosmic slop and psychedlia. Check out both tracks below and grab the 7″, available now on BMM. Don’t forget your space helmet!

Get the record here.

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