Brownout – Evolver

We have always been a fan of Brownout. Whether they are dishing out some b-boy goodness, reinterpreting some classic Latin hip hop anthems, getting funky on the fuzzy rock tip, or just bringing back a particular sound or slabs of genre bending sides, they never have been known to disappoint. Putting out a string of scorchers on labels such as Kept, Ubiquity, as well as Freestyle, their latest has made its way on to Fat Beats. This will be their first output on the label, and might we say it’s a gem. A bubbling latin infused fuzzed out funk rock side, it’s what you might expect from this all star group with the endless groove. Psychedelic notes abound, we’re excited to see them back on the scene. Think Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Sly Stone, and deep funk notes throughout. The flip, “Things You Say” is another scorcher. Wah wah guitars, break neck beat and percussion all around, this slice of latin funky soul is a dance floor mover, something for the bodies to groove to. It looks like the band is just plowing forward with this global jam, and Fat Beats has got a winner on these sides Perfect for the weekend wind down, these two sides might be different, but are cut from the cloth of Brownout’s diverse stylings and unity through the funk. Check out both tracks below:

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