PP-002: Uknown/ Rose Hicks

Man, these releases from the Preservation Project are definitely dope, but if you blink, you miss them. The second release from this label is dedicated to the ladies, the ladies. Two deep tracks that take you back to the ’70s, when bands made records and sometimes disappeared. The first side is an unknown girl group with “Love Can Be Red”. A sister soul killer side exploring the many sides of love, its chorus of “Love Can Be Red, Love Can Be Blue, Its Color Is Up To You” leaves the whole story of love open to interpretation. Gritty and raw, it’s a great soul track that moves you in many ways. The flip, which is the winner in our book is the Rose Hicks track “One Word For It”, a space funk side that blasts off fast. Sitting along side bands like The Chubukos or Manzel, this lo-fi instrumental gets the job done with heavy drums and equally heavy organ and bass. It’s a track that will not sit around on forty five forever, so if you like you funk deep and spacey, this track is for you. We are definitely impressed how Preservation Project is digging deeper and pulling out these gems for the DJs and funk appreciators to grab a hold of. The small run of regular labeled forty fives are already sold out, but there are some DJ Only labeled records that are still available. If this double side of ladies funk/ soul goodness is your bag (and we know it is), jump on it quick. Because like Keysor Soze, puff, they will be gone. That is a fact.

More info, stream the tracks and purchase here.

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