Hi Lux – Dance With My Baby

The Sunflower Soul record label has had some interesting releases in its time. From soul jazz and straight ahead jazz to afro beat and more, their output has always been pleasing to the ears. This particular forty five touches on modern and neo soul genres among other things on both sides on the seven. Hi-Lux gives us a poppy, soul filled side that is as uplifting as you can get. “Dance With My Baby”, light and airy with a rhythm that will have you stepping out of your seat and moving in place or snapping your fingers to the beat, is a great direction to see the label head to. We love all of their previous releases, and love that they are diversifying the musical portfolio even more. They are not afraid to take chances. The flip, “Don’t Blame Me” is a sultry, slow burner with superb vocals and great sound. If you like your soul with R & B tinges, neo-soul chops and a pop feeling throughout, this seven inch is for you. We’re delighted with this record and the progress Sunflower Soul is making, another little engine that could and Hi -Lux out of Kansas City, Missouri. Check out both tracks below and pre-order the record after the stream.

Pre-order the 45, available on January 5th, here.

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