Mukatsuku Presents Colombian Latin Funk & Cumbia Gems: Volume Two

If you like your music hot, then you will no doubt enjoy this latest release from Mukatsuku Records. On their latest seven inch offering they are exploring yet another genre of music that will get you moving: cumbia. Often called the musical background of Latin America, cumbia has always been an interesting form of music in our opinion, and although we are far from experts, we have been following crews like Leon City Sounds and the NYC Trust label who are both promoting real Latin America vibes in their sets as well as releasing these authentic sounds on vinyl quite often. So when this forty five came through, we were excited to explore it. The second edition of Colombian Latin Funk & Cumbia Gems from Mukatsuku explores the back catalog of Colombia’s oldest record label, founded in 1934, Discos Fuentes. The A features “A La Memoria Del Muerto” by Fruko Y Sus Tesos, a version of Dominica y su Conjunto’s original pachanga hit bearing the same name from ten years previous. A solid track through and through. The band has a cool history as well which we suggest you explore further. The full length LP from 1972 of the same name was reissued by Vampisoul and is definitely worth checking out if this is your kind of sound. The B-Side, Combo De Los Galleros “Soledad” from 1963, is on point and precise all of these 44 years later. You may have heard it in a live set somewhere, but if you can’t place it, now you know what’s up. A great introduction to cumbia and Latin funk from the label that is continually spreading the funk all over the globe in whatever direction it’s coming from. Whether it’s funk, soul, jazz, afro beat, high life, disco, reggae, latin, or cumbia and beyond, you can be sure Nik Weston is got a hand in getting it out to the public and DJs who want some of the hottest sides around.

Sound clips of the original sides here and here.

Get the record here.

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