Boca 45 Vs Mohawkestra – The Bear Pit

And just like that, Bristol’s Boca 45 will be in the music game for 20 years very shortly. That’s two decades of beat making, mixes, putting out seven inch records that go BOOM!, and of course partaking in some good cider. Seriously, if that isn’t a combination or a sign of sweet longevity in this fickle business, we don’t know what is. Being released as an accompanying piece to his mix celebrating this twenty years called Bombs from the Vaults (via Bomb Strikes), this 45 is another floor rocker with break beats galore. Joining together like Voltron with the mighty Mohawkestra, he manages to let loose on some funky stuff with the band and it is definitely one to keep the party rocking. As usual, uptempo, heavy emphasis on the B-Boy with a party mind set. The flip, “Round and Round” see frequent Boca 45 collaborator Kelvin Swaby jump up on the funk rock tip and tear the place down. Boca’s known for being able to rework classics and create his own masterpieces that are coveted in this DJ game. Not just a talented producer but a spot on DJ who can move the crowd like no one’s business, we are excited to present this piece of twenty years for Boca 45 in the biz. Recommended if you like your beats and breaks hard, upbeat, and with the spirit of hip hop itself. Also, if you just like to move, well, this is something special for you. Mate, on he cider tip, we are partial to the Tieton Cider Works or the Downeast which we would highly suggest you seek out. But if you are seeking out a good 45 people (please, feel free to check out the cider as well) that will get the dance floor moving, look no further. Check out the track below:

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