VIDEO PREMIERE: Andy Cooper feat. BlabberMouf – Here Comes Another One

Today we have a treat for your ears and eyes with the official video for Andy Cooper’s “Here Comes Another One” 12″. This side is from the upcoming full length on Rocafort Records called The Layered Effect, which gets released on January 26th. Featuring figgity fast rapper BlabberMouf, the duo blast through rhymes over a 90’s era jazzy track. If you know Cooper’s work, you will no doubt be familiar with his delivery, fast and precise a la Kane, not coming up for air until the track is through. With the edition of BlabberMouf, you really get a certain Golden Age feeling, an updated Fu-Schnickens or speedy Das Efx flow, again fueled by several jazz samples and uptempo drums. The video lends itself nicely to the track. Filmed in Lausanne, Switzerland at a venue called Le Bourg, it is shot beautifully, directed by Ludo Jaccard and edited by Daniel Ruczko. The video follows the jazz theme of the track with a 1920’s Paris feel. It’s dream sequence provides a scenario if hip hop was early jazz and had been introduced to a discerning music crowd for the first time. The uptown (maybe uptight at first) jazz crowd doesn’t know what to expect. Of course, the duo win over the crowd, the people love it, and the rest is history. The video ends with Cooper waking up for a moment before drifting off once again with a jazz book in his lap. All in all it is another solid effort for Cooper, and if this 12″ is any indication of what’s in store with the full length, hip hop heads will be pleased to start their year in music off right. Check out the video below and purchase the record from Rocafort below. A solid finish to 2017 for both Cooper and Rocafort.

Get the record here.

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