Medline – La Planète Sauvage

This kind of project always gets us excited here at Flea Market Funk, especially when it involves soundtrack work, or as in this case a cover and combination of tracks from a classic film. La Planète Sauvage, the 1973 cult animated film with its soundtrack by pianist and arranger Alain Goraguer is a crate digger’s favorite. Pushing it’s profile up higher with sample use from cats like DJ Shadow, Madlib, and Dilla, those who were not familiar with the film and or soundtrack were introduced to some life changing audio alchemy. Blending jazz, classical, funk, and more, Goraguer gets in deep with this recording, and word has it he had to record the thing in 8 to 10 days due to the film’s release schedule. Perhaps that’s where the magic lies in this recording. This indeed is a unique and genius piece of work. So, when we heard that French artist Medline was putting together a project that combined a few elements of the movie’s music together, well it was a no brainer. He’s taken three compositions: “Le Bracelet”, “Ten Et Tiwa” and “Maquillage De Tiwa”, mostly short interludes from the film’s score and put them together as one (in his own way of course). This is incredible, and something that number one, needs to get pressed up on vinyl, and number two will be a classic in years to come. Medline plays keyboards, flute, bass, drums, guitar, and percussion on this project as well as mixing and mastering it. Call him a renaissance man, an innovator, and of course a talented artist, but there is one thing for sure, this project is boss. Not an easy one to undertake, but listen closely, because Medline crushed it. Recommended if you like soundtracks, library music, funky jazz, and of course obscure, down tempo beats and such. Although this is a digital release for now, we are hoping there might be a possibility of the record getting a proper vinyl release in the future. With a reproduction of the original Roland Topor illustration by Orlando Diaz Corvalan, this thing is official people with a capital O. How can you not get down to that groovy flute and dope drum work? That’s right, you can get down to it. Plus the percussion work is out of site. Win win people. 2017 is definitely ending on a high note. Check out the film below if you haven’t seen it before.

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