LTF – Catapult b/w Spiral

In the third installment from Russian powerhouse LTF aka Light The Fuse, we are taken back in time via sampler and live instrumentation to a very funky era. Feeding us elements of jazz and later on acid jazz, these two tracks are most definitely a proper way to end 2017. On every one of his records on BMM, the groove has always been present. It’s right there, not so much in your face, but there and in no way, shape or form can you deny it. The sounds are that good. The first track, a mover entitled “Catapult”, he calls on the spirits of Lee Morgan, Clifford Brown, and Freddie Hubbard among others to get you in the mood for no just a tribute, but a full on jazz ride taking you where you need to be. Beautifully done, you would have sworn this was a full on band performing. The flip, ‘Spiral” is along the same lines but moves into a CTI territory with an acid jazz flavor steam rolling through it. Present throughout both are LTF’s double bass and vintage era Soviet synthesizers that are the backbone of LTF’s special sound. It’s jazz funk at its finest, and we feel like this is the best output of LTF. All three records are dope in their own right, but this one really speaks to us personally. From the piano riff and trumpet notes in “Catapult” to the boom bap drums and bass in ‘Spiral”, this is another hit for the ’17. Listen to both tracks below and order the 45 from Black Milk Music at the link below. The record is still available, but the bundles are sold out. One for the record boxes people so get on it.

Buy the record here.

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