The Ignobles – What You Was

Like we have been saying over the past two weeks, there have been some really great records dropped here in the month of December, just in time for the end of the year. We are happy to say that this is one of them. Chicago label Happy As A Lark put together some authentic music from Jamaica via The Windy City on seven inch (what else!) from The Ignobles. Comprised of members from The Drastics, The Pinstripes, and Akasha, this vintage sounding tune done inna modern day stylee is just what you need in your reggae set. Much detail is paid to the instrumentation and the history of the music. With on point vocals and lyrics, the debut 45 from The Ignobles smooths it out pon the reggae tip for sure. Michael Sarason’s vocals follow in the footsteps of the late Dan Klien of The Frightnrs fame, melodic and smooth (without his signature falsetto), but silky none the less. “What You Was” is a track that if you can’t get moving wherever you are, then you need to pick the needle up, drop it again, and make sure you are moving. Got it? Great horn work and riddim all the way through, this one is a winner. The flip, “Wandering Heart” is another top notch production for your arsenal. A slow burner with ample harmonies and a Studio 1 feel, the track gets scientific too (“I wish I knew what alchemy excites your molecules/ Cause I’d play it cool/ Instead of being your fool”) while charming the pants off of the listener. Bonus points for that flute too. We are not mad at that. There is also a digital release, which features a bunch of proper dub versions of said tunes via Wadada II and King Tony. Just the way a dee jay should do it. Big tunes coming out of the Dirty North Studio! This is a group of musicians and a label doing tings the JA way. Check out the forty five streaming below as well as the digital releases. Pre-order the record after the stream. Bless Up.

Get the record on pre-sale here.

Keep Diggin’!

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