Sun Palace and Quadrant 77 – Sexx It Up

Back in ’84, there was a left field record that made its round at The Loft as well as The Paradise Garage. It was something for the late night, a slower tempo track called “Rude Movements” that was jazzed up that got people on the dance floor fired into the wee hours, whipping them into a frenzy and sending them to another place. The band was Sun Palace, and the rest is history. It’s been quite a while since we have had a Sun Palace record, and now they’ve teamed up with James Reeno from Spazzoid Records’ Quadrant 77 to release their first record since that burner. The dance floor still needs a track like “Rude Movements” today, so here it is in ‘Sexx It Up”. Linking up with Sun Palace guitarist and producer Mike Collins, the duo have come up with another late night killer and Collins’ guitar, that is distinct and very George Benson like helps fuel the machine on this twelve inch. Modern funk that’s minimal, but packs a punch. You hear a lot of stuff produced after Sun Palace that really was going for their original sound. That original sound still moves us today. The side is a keeper for those late night excursions on the dance floor, calling the spirits of The Loft or Garage, getting the dancers jazzed up again and again. Limited to 300 pieces, this record will keep the fire of those monumental nights burning for sure. Check out the stream below and pull the trigger for the 12″ after the stream. A winner from Spazzoid Records before the year closes.

Buy the record here.

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