Manzel – High and Tight

As 2017 comes to a halt, the hardest working man in the business, J-Zone is at it again. Not content with dropping another funk record with his outfit the Du-Rites, making music with a myriad of other bands, or interviewing well known drummers, he’s gone on and made himself a member of Manzel. Playing along side Manzel Bush on keys and Larry Van Dyke on drums, this new lineup with J is as heavy as it gets. You know the deal with Manzel: purveyors of “Space Funk”and “Midnight Theme”: classic material in the record world. 40 years after these two hits, the band is back with another record. Featuring J on drums (who replaces the late Steve Garner), they get busy on the party tip with “High and Tight”. More funk in the trunk than you can handle yourself, this is most definitely a track to get the dance floor bubblin’. Add in some organ and a fat drum break, and we’ve got another classic 45 here. The flip, “Standing On Mars” is a jazzed up space number, continuing with Manzel’s foray into the outer regions of the funk universe. Vibey, full of fatback drums and organ, and please let’s not forget the guitar work that helps put this thing over the edge too. A double side of goodness that we’ve waited four decades for. Wait no more, it’s here. If you liked their previous hits, then you’ll love this two sides of fire. J-Zone is on the move again, and we are here to spread the good news of that, but damn, sometimes it’s hard to keep up! Stream both tracks below and buy the record which ships January 2nd.

Buy the record here.

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